Staurogyne repens (TC)
Staurogyne repens (TC)

Staurogyne repens (TC)

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Staurogyne repens is an excellent fore-mid ground plant in the aquarium. Separate into clumps and place into the substrate. Staurogyne repens can also be tied to rocks or driftwood because of its strong rooting tendencies. Trim the stems as needed and replant the cuttings to establish new clusters. 

Emersed, this species will still grow larger leaves and show a contact habit. Its a perfect plant to give a bushy, leafy look with a bit more height. IME, when grown emersed, it will also get a deep red stem in high light. 

Difficulty: Easy. Do take care when acclimating this plant. The large leaves are more prone to drying if grown emersed. However, once established, this plant has great potential to grow LARGE!