Tropical Pink Springtails (8oz.)

Tropical Pink Springtails (8oz.)

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Springtails are a great addition to a terrarium or vivarium enclosure to make it bio-active! As decomposers they are, along with other micro-organisms, considered part of a "clean up crew" to keep an enclosure cycling through waste and nutrients. 

Springtails also make the perfect food for baby or very small vivarium inhabitants such as baby reptiles and amphibians, small vertebrate species, carnivorous insects, and even fish hatchlings.

All of our springtails come cultured on charcoal in an 8oz container. They are perfect to start a larger culture of your own or will quickly populate a 20g tank. Of course, any size tank would be appropriate but larger tanks will naturally take more time to colonize. 

In my experience, the Tropical Pink Springtails move faster and reproduce quicker than the temperate varieties. They get their pink-ish color from the hairs on their back while the rest of the body is white. To the naked eye they look mostly white with a slight pink blush. Under magnification you can observe their white bodies and pink hairs distinctly.